Parking for the disabled on Saturday 5 March is available at the Stanthorpe YMCA. See the map page for location.

Drop off points

There are three disabled/elderly drop off points for Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 March: 

  • The corner of Lock & Creek Street
  • The corner of Railway & Rogers Street
  • Behind the Piazza on Farley Street

See the map page for location.


There will be reserved seating for the elderly and persons with a disability to watch the Grand Parade in front of the St Josephs's Church.


Disabled toilets are marked on the map.

They are located in the following areas:

  • In the Art Gallery/Library
  • In the civic centre
  • At Community Development Services on Saturday (8 Corundum Street) - this is the Grand Parade Marshaling area
  • In the public toilets behind the Piazza on Farley Street
  • In the Lions Park, between Canarvon Bridge and Ergon depot
  • At the Visitor Information Centre on Leslie Parade

Garden accessibility

Most of the Open Gardens have no accessibility issues. The ones that do are as follows:

  • Bramble Patch – you drive to level ground then walk over a small bridge to the garden which is on a small slope from the house leading down to a dam .
  • Ashwood garden is build on the side of a granite ridge. Disabled can drive around the back of the house for unloading. Gardens are on a small slope with gravel walkways. 
  • Grass Tree Hill is a large garden on tiers with a small gradient, but drop-off can be near the house for disabled.
  • Braeside is also a large garden with entry near the house. Paths have a small to medium gradient. Plenty of areas with easy access.
  • Mikela garden has an easy entry access, but some garden areas have a small slope.
  • Bungawarra is built on the side of a granite ridge. There will be a “drop-off” area for disabled near the house and garden. Some small areas are not accessible by wheelchair.