RADF Grant Supports Multicultural Carnival

Southern Downs Regional Council’s partnership with the State Government through the Arts Queensland’s Regional Arts Development Program has provided much needed and valuable support to the 2016 Apple & Grape Harvest Festival.  The multicultural carnival was successful in its bid for grant funds and $21,500 has been provided to fund the arts and cultural elements of the 2016 events.

In its application for funding, the carnival aimed to include a number of cultures that have links with the local community and to bring in some that don’t have strong links such as American Blues and Canadian Folk. This with a strong mix of Celtic, European and Pacific Island entertainment will provide one of the best multicultural carnivals held for some time.

The main focus for the 2016 carnival is to hold a large number of workshops.  A special workshop tent will be provided where many of the performing artists will open the doors to a wide range of education in the arts.  The sessions will range from musical instrument education and tips and tutorials associated with dance, song writing, group harmony, drumming and singing circles and even how to make a New Orleans Stomp Box.  

With the multicultural carnival now running over 2 days there is an increased requirement to raise the entertainment levels to a higher standard and Director Rosey Harslett feels very satisfied that this will be achieved.  With a mix of local and visiting artists being engaged there will be a strong variety program to suit many ages.  The multicultural aspect will overflow on to the street stages and a new Heritage Bank Family Entertainment Area has been allocated in High Street where music will be delivered in an alcohol-free zone throughout the day until 10pm.  The very popular O’Maras stage will provide entertainment at the other end of town.

To add to the multicultural aspect of the carnival, Directors are confident an international performing arts group will be available for Sunday in the park.  Additionally a major attraction has been arranged for the first weekend of the festival and workshops associated with these arts performances will add wonderful value for the community.  More information will be provided on these attractions in future newspaper columns.

Director Rosey Harslett is proud to promote a wonderful multicultural carnival and is equally proud of Southern Downs Council and Arts Queensland for recognising the value of multiculturalism through the festival by providing such a significant grant.