Street parade - Carnival characters category

A whole new category that will bring carnival fun and colour to the 2016 festival has been introduced and an open invitation is extended for participation.  Carnival Characters will be a whole new category and because it is predicted to be so popular it will be broken into two sections, individuals will be one category and walking or marching groups will be the other.  

The concept of carnival characters was inspired by the colourful entrants in festivals years ago, many with painted faces, wonderful masks, fancy headdress, reams of colourful material, some on stilts others walking or marching to form some carnival theme.  This category as been reintroduced in response to people wanting to be part of the festival but cannot find the resources to produce a float. To dress as a colourful carnival character is some way of contributing to this magnificent festival and they can roam the street during the carnival as well as entering the grand parade.

Prizemoney will be offered as an incentive to enter the grand parade.  A prize pool of $250 will be awarded in the individual category (individual meaning one to 5 persons) and $250 will be in the prize pool for groups walking or marching.  This new parade category will be the ideal opportunity for individuals or groups of friends to plan for their theme or character a few months before the festival and with only 3 months to go, now is the time to start planning.  Sponsorship opportunities exist for any business wishing to receiving naming rights for the colourful carnival characters.

The festival committee would really like to celebrate the multitude of cultures that are now part of the Granite Belt community.  In addition to the traditional international groups that make our community, there are huge numbers of seasonal workers visiting Stanthorpe and we would most certainly welcome them in the parade to add further colour. National costumes would be a wonderful sight to see but if this is not possible, flags of their nation would add such a colourful sight.  Maybe local groups or farmers could pass the message about the Festival wanting to include these international groups.  Flags of every colour and size are welcome and the aim of the festival committee is to have every float display a flag or flags and every walker should carry a flag.