Festival wrap-up


After ten massive days, the Apple and Grape Harvest Festival 2016 has come to a close, finishing with a spectacular weekend of entertainment, fun, food and wine.

Over 75,000 people celebrated the 50th anniversary, filling the streets of Stanthorpe on Saturday for the Channel 7 Grand Parade and over 8000 people returned on Sunday for the Multicultural Carnival and Wine Fiesta in Weeroona Park.

Apple and Grape president Greg Thouard said the event was a real celebration.

“The amazing thing is that tens of thousands of people have taken the opportunity to come along and visit for the 50th-anniversary celebrations.

“It’s been fantastic;  with an excellent event program and great weather pulling one of the best crowds we have ever had,” he said.

Organisers predict that $12.5million was injected into the region during the 10-day festival.

“The Festival has once again proven to be a huge success both by participation and community involvement,  but also by financial gain for the local economy," he said.

“The crowd for the grand parade was just huge. The smiles on peoples faces makes all the hard work worth it,” he said.

Mr Thouard said he would like to thank the committee members and all the volunteer groups for their enormous commitment.

“I’d also like to thank all the committees of the young ambassadors,” he said.

“They are our best advertisement for Stanthorpe and the region. They are the most wonderful group of sponsors and young ambassadors and it was a great privilege to work with them.”

The triumphant return of the arches and the expansion to a 10-day format ensured that the festival would be one not to miss.

“It’s a great community, it’s been a great Festival and I know my committee is extremely happy to have been part of delivering this wonderful event,” he said.

More studies are currently being carried out to determine the exact economic impact the Festival has had on the region.