Young Ambassador Brianna Woods

Apple and Grape Harvest Festival Young Ambassador Brianna Woods hopes her involvement with the2018 festival will not only support the district’s premier event, but also encourage other young people in the district to join in.

“I am looking forward to getting my name out in the community and showing that young people still care about what happens in the community,” Brianna said.

“I think supporting the festival is important because if the younger generation doesn’t support it, then it’s not going to continue.

“It’s always good to keep festivals going in terms of tourism as well.”

Brianna is sponsored by the Queensland College of Wine Tourism (QCWT), where she works as a food and beverage attendant while studying for a Diploma of Hospitality.

Working closing with the festival committee as a Young Ambassador in the coming months will allow her to learn about event management, a field in which she hopes to work in future.

As well as fundraising for the Apple and Grape Harvest Festival, she sees her role as Young Ambassador as an opportunity to showcase the important role of the college and the wine industry in local tourism.

“We give students real life training, especially in hospitality including front of house, back of house and wine industry operations, with a little bit of tourism as well.

“You can come out of school with so many different skills and certificates.  I would encourage anyone still at school to do that.”

After experiencing many local events from the point of view of a hospitality worker, Brianna is also looking forward to stepping into the spotlight at festival events including the ball and grand parade.

QCWT front-of-house manager Kim Gallaway said the college was keen to support Brianna in her new role as Young Ambassador.

“We’re here to support this great community and we want to be involved as much as we can,” she said.  “Stanthorpe is a tourism area and we want to provide training for young people and give them the opportunity to remain in this area.

“There is so much opportunity here and it’s great that Brianna is working with the festival. “

Brianna already has a number of fundraising events planned including a movie day/night on July 8, a Spanish Tapas Dinner on August 26, a High Tea in the Vineyard (also in aid of Breast Cancer) on October 28, a Lazy Sunday afternoon on November 26 and a Christmas cooking demonstration on December 2.

Look out for Brianna and her committee at monthly street stalls, starting on June 3, and at Snowflakes on July 1. Follow Brianna on Facebook for updates.

It’s not too late to nominate to be a Young Ambassador or sponsor a Young Ambassador for the 2018 festival.

If you are interested, contact the festival secretary on or phone 4681 4111.